Josh and Austen met through their shared musical interests and have been jamming since they were about 13. It didn’t take long for them to become interested in playing with a guitarist/singer. The boys ended up at the same high school where they met Griff…..the perfect triangle! Since then the boys have been playing as a 3 piece rock band and have more recently been exploring their acoustic side.

Musical Style

J.A.G drives their Rock/Grunge/Alternative mix with a full sound for a young 3 piece. Solid pounding drums, melodic fret board bass lines and crunchy guitar topped off with an explosion of vocal brilliance! Live shows are energetic and vibrant, enticing the punters to get involved. The boys are exploring song writing and draw from a wide range of influences. Usually playing a mix of rock classics from Nirvana to Muse, lately they have been enjoying a stripped down sound and have added acoustic sounds to their mix.

Performance Ability

J.A.G can play a full rock show with all instruments and PA supplied (2 x 40 minute sets). They can also play acoustic gigs with stripped down instrumentation. All gear supplied.

Future Pursuits

J.A.G continue to grow as performers and musicians and with dedication and enthusiasm on a grand scale, there will be more gigging, writing and recording on the agenda in the coming months. The boys are slowly building a legion of followers to match their growing talent!


Peter Heeney, Reviewer of the Perth Blues Club 12th annual Memorial Show case, 20 June 2015:
“A young student from Mt Lawley High School, Griffin Reed-Lombardo, began the night with a wonderful solo performance letting us all know that the music industry in Western Australia is in good hands”

Monika, a customer at the Eclectic Squirrel Cafe, Lathlain:
“I was there with my mum, I’m 54, she’s 79, I loved J.A.G’s version of Zombie and also complimented the lads on being so able to focus in situ.”

Simon Walters, Organiser of Battle of the Bands - Live Lighter Community Fair, Mundijong:
“I’m glad the boys had a great time, here’s the judges feedback, if you could pass around to the guys that would be great! Things they liked: Great song choices, Confidence on stage, Liked the original song, Great front man skills/great vocals, Good confidence on stage, Played well as a band. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to see JAG perform again soon, good luck to the guys for their future events.”


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